Opinions. . .

You ever have one of those days where it seems the universe has a theme? And ya can’t help seeing a pattern and signs around you?

Well today is one of those days for me.

I’m generally not a person who has super strong urges to state my opinion on hot topics. I understand that everyone has their own opinions. But there were a few different things that caught my attention today regarding disciplining and raising children.

Again, I firmly believe that what works for ME does not necessarily work for YOU. Some people respond differently to the same types of guidelines or regimen. . . that being said. . . I read two articles today, from two totally different resources, and one sparked a response out of me that I did what I normally don’t do. . . I typed and submitted a comment.

So far, my comment has yet to be approved, and expecting as much, I actually took a screen shot of my comment. I’m going to post a link to the article, and then my response. . . I understand that not everyone will agree with me. And I welcome any discussion. But understand. . . this is solely my OPINION. 🙂

link to the aricle

My response:


I hope everyone has a great day 🙂 and pardon the interruption from my usual posting format. 😉



Major Detour. . .

I woke up early Friday, went to pick up my son, and as soon as we got back home we went back to the bedroom, curled up under the covers, and hid from the world for a few hours. This was supposed to be day 2 of my “new routine”. But I didn’t just flake. My head was killing me! I usually don’t get long lived headaches, but this baby was a doozie (hmm, I don’t think that’s how you spell that, but you know what I mean) . . . so for the majority of the day I was relaxing & curled up with the boy. On one hand, I did like the cuddling, but feeling bad isn’t really fun when you’ve got a three year old needing your attention.
Luckily for both of us, this was his daddy’s weekend, so he was able to go play and do fun stuff, and my husband (who coincidentally wasn’t feeling good either) and I spent the weekend laying low, relaxing, sleeping. . . .  A LOT.
Funny though, when your not feeling good, all the sleep in the world doesn’t make ya feel rested.

Monday was nice. A little more active. River was a sweetheart all day. Jason and I finally started eating more , which is a good sign when you’ve been sick.

So now it’s Tuesday. I’m back to work. Still feeling lingering “blah”s from the weekend. But hopefully within the next day or so things will be back on track!

Which means I’ve gotta go to the gym, clean up the house, and dangit get those Halloween decorations put up!!!!

Hmmm, feeling ill all over again. . . . 😛


Ya win some, Ya lose some

Every Thursday and Friday morning my alarm goes off around 6:15 – 6:20’ish . . . and without fail I stare at it in a confused state of half asleep, half . . .  well MOSTLY asleep. . . “I don’t have to go to work this morning?!?! What is this noise all about?!?! What day is it?!?! . . . . . . .  OH!!! I GOTTA GO PICK UP RIVER FROM HIS DADDY!!!” that last thought is the jolt I need to jump out of bed, throw some shoes on, grab the keys, and run out the door!!! “Woohoo!!! Can’t wait to see my baby!!!”
This morning was the same. The utter state of confusion at my alarm clock just amuses me. Then the realization that I didn’t immediately remember that it’s time to go pick up the boy confounds me. . . but I cut myself a little slack. I am after all mostly asleep. 😉

Today I started a new routine. Well I HOPE it turns into a routine.

I got the boy, and instead of going straight back to bed for about 30 min to an hour, then having him waller all over me for another hour while I desperately cling to some sort of sleep . . . . I stayed up. Fixed us some breakfast burritos (yummmmmy) then went to the gym!! (Yes, that’s right!!)

River and I were both tired, so this took a lot of determination on my part. This whole idea came from my husband! He had the brilliant (we’re calling it brilliant for now) idea in hopes that it would help me disperse some of this pent up energy that I’ve been feeling welling up uncomfortably inside of me recently.

It will allow for river and I to get a QUALITY nap later in the day (and Lord knows I love naps!!!).

And, perhaps the little motivator that I really needed to get excited about this “brilliant idea” . . . its going to help me keep River on a good schedule during the week!

So day one was a success for this new routine.

Not so much a success, though, for my son’s whining habit! Holy cow!!!  . . . . . . . I think that’s all I can say about that right now! HAHAHAHAHA

So tomorrow’s mission is to stick to the routine of breakfast, gym, healthy nap.

Then, to try to stay on top of nipping the whining in the bud!!!!!

Oh yea. . . .  and I think I’m supposed to be getting some Halloween decorating done?!?!?! 😉


Off to a better start :)

Well, my subconscious took over last night, deprived me of a full night’s sleep, but refused to let me miss the alarm again. I woke up every hour, on the hour to look over at the clock . .  you know . . .  just in case 😉

I didn’t get the sweet mommy/ River time this morning like yesterday,but I guess it wasn’t necessary in order to keep me calm and happy today.

I did however receive two comments on my blog through the night. Both with great positive feedback and suggestions. Very much appreciated. . . and I’m sorry ladies, but I’m still not 100% familiar with this setup or else I’d tag you, or something???  So here’s an essential “shout-out” to deranged writers, and fill your own glass . .  and if you guys read this, reply with instructions on how to tag someone 😉 also, a shout out to Steve, you were my first contact from Community Pool 🙂

. . . . . So, its October 1st. I woke up pretty excited about that. The first taste of holiday season.

Halloween has never been my FAVORITE holiday, but I’ve always looked forward to it because it meant that right around the corner was Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!! And who doesn’t love the holiday season, right?!?!?!  . . . . . . (Put your hands down!)

River saw some pumpkins yesterday and got excited, so I’m gonna be sure to get him some after this weekend (when he comes back from his daddy’s).

Can’t decide if we are going to do the new thing of painting faces, or the traditional carved jack-o-lanterns . . .well, I guess I already know the answer to that . . .  jack-o-lanterns!!!!

And I really WANT to decorate my house this year! I always say that, but never follow through with anything more than some quasi-spooky thing hanging on the front door.

So here’s my first “awesome idea” that I’m going to use this blog for, as a motivator,  to get this done!!! HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!

My goal is to get started on it today after work . . .  orrrrrrr maybe tomorrow. . . or Friday??? HAHAHAHAHA

Hopefully a followup post with a pic will follow in the next day or two!


P.S. how do you add tags?!?!

Day 2= Epic fail . . . . REALLY?!?!?!

I casually rolled over, glanced up at the clock and JUMPED out of bed! Mumbling obscenities the whole time. . . what happened to the alarm?!?! Did I turn it off thinking I hit the snooze? Did it just not go off at all?? Who knows. But GRRRRRR!!!!! So that’s NOT a great start to my day, or even my new attempt at getting myself in line. All I can do is shake my head and go on.

River woke up while I was rushing to get ready. And I’m so glad he did.

His morning conversation was seeping with happiness and “hi mommy, Whatchu doing?” Just thinking about it makes me smile.

A morning that had the potential to be very stressful, was morphed into a pleasant (yet still fast paced) opportunity for quality time with my boy. There is a saying you hear, “the Lord knows what He’s doing” and I try to find His work in everything I can. I think He sent River to keep me calm, relaxed, and happy in the face of an obstacle this morning.

So I guess the day has started off with a technical “FAIL”, but I can’t focus too harshly on that now. 🙂

However, it IS only 9:45 in the morning. . .  😉


Maiden blog . . . who has the wine bottle?

Hi all. Thanks for the initial interest. This is my first ever blog, so I will try to make it entertaining, and hopefully you’ll come back for more.

I decided tonight (September 29, 2014 @ 5:00 am) that I wanted, and maybe NEEDED, to start a blog!

As my blog title states, I am a distracted mommy!!! I work shift work, 5 days/ 40 hours a week, and in those five days, I rotate through all three shifts. . . every week. My sleep schedule is very off kilter!

I have a sweetheart for a son, named River. He just turned 3 this month.

In addition to my bundle of joy, I have also recently acquired a new husband, Jason (whom i love dearly and passionately, thank you Lord for that) and two teenage step-children (Kasey 15 & Eric 14. . . two of the most well behaved and respectful children I know!) So that brings my family count to 5.

Obviously my husband and I are on our second marriages. So this means there is a visitation schedule for the youngins. His is the standard every other weekend routine. . . mine is more complicated, but I’ll talk about that at another time.

So to get back to the reason for the blog. . . I have an endless supply of delusions of grandeur, but an almost 0 percentage of follow through. I mean, I DO follow through with some things, sometimes, for a while, thennnn . . . I lose interest, motivation, time, or even just forget that I’m supposed to be doing something. . . like keeping up with a blog???

So, my most recent goals include: starting on a healthy diet/lifestyle again, doing cutesy crafts and decorations for my house and with my son, working on new recipes that HOPEFULLY coincide with my healthy lifestyle, making and executing a Christmas list, consistently waking up early enough to be on time for work!!!!! Working on breaking my son of whining every time he tries to ask me for something, and many many more “awesome ideas for my life” that I would LOVE to follow through with!

I thought I should keep making lists, but that’s just going to add up to a bunch of wasted paper.

Maybe a journal, but same thing with the paper. Plus carpel tunnel 😉

But the idea of a blog came to me. And I got kind of excited. Maybe this will be something fun that will also serve as reminder and motivation to keep track of my progress and to make me accountable for staying motivated with these things that I deem important!

So I hope your interest is sparked, and you continue to tune in . . . and I hope that I don’t let you, and myself down!



The daily, or not so daily, musings of a well meaning but easily distracted career mom. :)